Sunday, 3 March 2013

Shortcut Management Using Hot Keys

Hi Good Evening friends,

Its been quite a looooooong time updating this blog. The program that I upload today is just a improved version of one of my previous program Cheat Master. Well, the previous one is made just for games using an API and the SendKeys concept. But this one is little organised. I created this program to define hotkeys for your own programs. You assign shortcuts to program. The program runs in system tray. Just give the desired shortcuts and click "Add" to insert a row. Use the "Add" key to insert multiple rows and "Save" button at last to have your records saved in the file. For edit, double click the record make changes click "Add" and then "Save". If you have trouble using the program kindly give me a comment. The program runs well in XP. In Win 7 it needs to be run as administrator. And of course, it is not bug-free. That's why I have attached the program with the source code. Use it, modify it, share it and comment if it is helpful. Do give your comments / suggestions.

The main core of the program is the HotKey.cs file. I have downloaded the file from the internet and it is not developed by me. All credits go to the HotKey.cs creator. I forgot where I downloaded it from. I've just browsed thro' the web today and got a google code link to the cs file which is this. If anyone knows the name of the the HotKey.cs developer please notify it in the comment section and i'll update in the post itself.

Download the project here.

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